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The Wave Hill Suite

Frank Hardys Spirit

by Peter Van de Maele

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Peter’s first trip to Kalkarindji near Wave Hill in 2006 was part of the 40th anniversary commemoration of the famous walk off by the Gurindji people from Wave Hill cattle station in 1966. The walk off became a nine year strike and the main outcome was the granting of a 99 year lease to the Gurindji by Prime Minister Gough Whitlam in 1975. This was famously symbolised by Whitlam pouring earth from his hand into Kalkarindji leader Vincent Lingiuari’s hand.

'In 2009, I was invited to join two staff members of Megalo Print Studio, Antonia Aitken and Lindy Delian, to visit Kalkarindji. It followed Megalo’s 2007 Wave Hill Cultural Exchange program in which I also participated. The Wave Hill Suite is the result of this visit.'

Frank Hardy played an important role bringing national attention to their cause – particularly through his book ‘The Unlucky Australians’. One of the suite’s works is of Frank Hardy’s spirit hovering around Victoria River where the Gurindji first camped after they walked off Wave Hill station. This is shown above.

This exhibition is now showing at Collector Gallery. Collector Gallery is open 12-5pm every Saturday and Sunday or other hours by appointment (phone 4848 0073). Ten per cent of all proceeds from the sale of these etchings goes towards the Wave Hill Cultural Exchange Program.